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Entry #1

Make Newgrounds Change!

2017-04-23 17:32:00 by inspiredfraser

I entered Jazza's monthly competition and uploaded my creation in the form of a movie so I could both show my art and my evidence in one post. However, this was "blammed by the community" and Newgrounds said that the community overly dissaproved of it and I have to make changes to make it better if I can upload it. This made me very sad and severely hurt my self esteem making me feel like I am not even a good enough artist to post on here. I assume this has hurt many other people's feelings to so Please Newgrounds...

Remove the "blamming feature"

-Inspired Fraser


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2017-04-23 18:31:33

To be honest, It is a good feature to see who is the best in the competition. Don't be too sensitive about it and ask the community what is bad about your creation and learn from it. Oh, and make sure to never give up because the greats didn't. :D

inspiredfraser responds:

Thank you very much


2017-04-25 14:04:17

remove the blaming feature?
dude srsly
i have been blamed more times i can count
and it didnt stop me
just make it better and it would pass

inspiredfraser responds:

I am sorry. I just got a bit mad because I was scared that I missed the deadline to jazz's competition on a piece I spent lots of time on. I hope it still will be judged!